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Seeking a steady supply of Coconut Cup and Polished Coconut Shell for your business needs? Trendszho and its extensive range of products can fulfill all your needs at once. Produced using the most advanced technologies and processed to be safe for use for various applications, all of the products at Trendszho are ready for use right out of the packaging. To further increase the appeal of the products, all of them are packaged in the most vivid packaging that attracts attention. Once sealed, all our products are known for maintaining their usable form for extended periods. As a manufacturer and supplier, we execute all our operations from our production plant in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, which has the most advanced machinery and tools.

If you are in the market for a steady supply of coconut cups, then the wide range of products at Trendszho could probably be of help to you. With products such as Semi Polished Coconut Cup and Polished Coconut Shell the prolific offerings of Trendszho could be the solution to all your needs. Being a manufacturer and supplier of a wide variety of products, we understand the responsibilities that we have, and hence we go beyond the normal to make sure that only the best reaches the businesses we serve. All our production procedures as well as quality check protocols have been articulated in such a way that ensure every product of ours is properly tested on several occasions before being finalized for use.  

Wide Range of Products

We provide endless choices to customers by providing a wide range of products such as Coconut Shell and Coconut Cup.

Prompt Delivery

Fast deliveries are one of the main objectives of our work, and we are providing the business with their needed products as quickly as possible. We are able to achieve such feats thanks to our warehousing facilities and strong delivery network.

Strategic Planning

Every step of our production procedure is well thought out and based upon our experience in serving business enterprises. Our learning help us serve our business clients better.

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Our Facilities

As a business, we pay as much attention towards the marketing of all our products as we do to their production. We stay ahead of the competition by thoroughly marketing all of our products in their intended markets.

Our products can be demanded by customers any time, and to fulfill their demands, we have developed an extensive warehousing facility. We store a wide range of our finished products in our warehouse. Such extensive storage of products that are ready for use allows us to easily cater to businesses around the year without much challenges. Further such buffer stocks of our products allow us to stay immune to the sudden economic fluctuations in the market. A warehouse facility is the main advantage we have that allows us to have a competitive edge over our competitors.


Nature of Business

We are a Manufacturer and supplier of coconut shell products..


Year of Establishment

We are operating from the year of 2023


No of Employees

We are employing 10 people. 



We operate from Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu, India.

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